Autor Anke Goldbach Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro Workshop 2024

My latest author publication about the app »Pixelmator Pro« with workshop files was published by the German publisher »Heise« in the magazine »Mac & i«. The workshop was an exciting collaboration and a great experience. My article »Practical Templates for Pixelmator Pro« made it to the front page this time! You can find my contribution on pages 44-49. It is a powerful workshop that is six pages long. I describe using the

Heise publication by Anke Goldbach

Affinity Publisher Workshop 2020

My newest essay about the app »Affinity Publisher« with workshop data was written with the German publisher »Heise.« The workshop was an enjoyable cooperation and a fabulous experience. My workshop is located on the pages 130-137. It is a powerful essay, which is eight pages long. I describe how to use »Affinity Publisher.« My essay includes 34.045 characters with personal tips and knowhow.  The Magazine size is 21 x 29,8 cm

book publication by Anke Goldbach

Affinity Designer first edition 2017

I am very exhilarated, to display my first book »Affinity Designer«. It is published at the German publisher »Rheinwerk Verlag«. It was a magnificent cooperation and outstanding experience. The book content 286 pages and is bound with a width of 22 mm, the book size is 19 x 24 cm. The book is printed in colour on matt coated art paper (115 g). Moreover, you will see easy to read sans