Anke Tashiro Portfolio»Finally working again – I couldn’t sleep because of the anticipation!«

My name is Anke Tashiro and I am a qualified designer, illustrator and author. I owe my lovely Japanese family name to my husband and his family. To keep my back straight, I do bouldering. Climbing in the hall keeps the body and mind clear. Sport makes you hungry – I don’t look like it, but eating is my hobby. I cook at home myself. When travelling through Asia and Europe, I get exciting suggestions. Food and graphics compliment each other wonderfully. When I arrange my lunch box for outdoor use, I sort my groceries creatively. I work to eat and live well.

I like to work outside or from a customer’s office. My favourite thing, however, is my analogue and digital studio – machine and man in harmony! In my studio are lots of sources of inspiration, paper and colours, which are then transported on iPad or Wacom to a new form of expression. Adobe and Affinity are familiar tools for me. I am curious and always hungry for new challenges.

»The problem is not the problem – it’s the attitude towards the problem.«

There are no problems, only challenges!