Anke Tashiro Portfolio»Finally working again – I couldn’t sleep because of the anticipation!«

Hi, I am Anke Tashiro – an enthusiastic and creative freelance graphic artist.
My profession lies in editorial, branding, corporate design, writing, icons
and photo post-production! I’m a boulder girl who loves nature, traveling and eating.

Private – I teach the usage of the Affinity applications and run my online shop for
digital assets and brushes.

I cook at home myself. When travelling through Asia and Europe, I get
exciting suggestions. Food and graphics compliment each other wonderfully.
When I arrange my lunch box for outdoor use, I sort my groceries creatively.
I work to eat and live well.

I like to work outside or from a customer’s office. My favourite thing, however,
is my analogue and digital studio – machine and man in harmony!
In my studio are lots of sources of inspiration, paper and colours, which are
then transported on iPad or Wacom to a new form of expression.
Adobe and Affinity are familiar tools for me. I am curious and always hungry for new challenges.

»The problem is not the problem – it’s the attitude towards the problem.«

CV Anke Tashiro