book publication by Anke Goldbach

Anke Goldbach

I am very exhilarated, to display my first book »Affinity Designer«. It is published at the German publisher »Rheinwerk Verlag«. It was a magnificent cooperation and outstanding experience.

The book content 286 pages and is bound with a width of 22 mm, the book size is 19 x 24 cm. The book is printed in colour on matt coated art paper (115 g). Moreover, you will see easy to read sans serif font (Linotype syntax 9.0 pt.), two-column workshop layouts with 80 step tutorials, before-and-after examples and 14 additional courses.

All graphics and illustrations at the book are self-made in the app Affinity Designer.

This is testimony that the app Affinity Designer can keep up with the software from Adobe.

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