Rheinwerk Verlag 25% Rabatt

Rheinwerk Verlag 25% Rabatt

The entry in the trademark register took place at the beginning of 1999. The first book from Rheinwerk Verlag was published at the end of the same year – at that time still under the publishing name Galileo Press. My publisher has decided to celebrate its anniversary with a big discount campaign.

For a limited period, Rheinwerk Verlag is offering a 25 % discount on all available German-language e-books. 

As authors of Rheinwerk Verlag, I would like to invite you to take part in the ongoing campaign.

The most important links at a glance:

        • Anniversary landing page:
        • Landing page for the current discount campaign:

Let us toast together to 25 successful years and look joyfully forward to the future.

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