Autor Anke Goldbach Pixelmator Pro

Anke Goldbach Pixelmator Pro

My latest author publication about the app
 »Pixelmator Pro« with workshop files was published by the German publisher »Heise« in the magazine »Mac & i«. The workshop was an exciting collaboration and a great experience. My article »Practical Templates for Pixelmator Pro« made it to the front page this time!

You can find my contribution on pages 44-49.
 It is a powerful workshop that is six pages long. I describe using the Pixelmator Pro app to create great social media templates with consistent corporate design. My post contains 15.350 characters with personal tips and know-how.

The magazine measures 21 x 29.8 cm and is coloured on recycled material paper (The Blue Angel) printed. The essay has a two-column workshop layout with step-by-step instructions and downloadable files such as photos, graphics and assets.

I designed all the texts, graphics, photos and illustrations in the magazine myself.

Für weitere Informationen klicken Sie hier:

Autor Anke Goldbach Mac & i c'tAutor Anke Goldbach Pixelmator Pro Autor Heise Anke Tashiro Pixelmator Pro
Autor Heise Mac & i Pixelmator Pro

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